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MedalsMy father passed away after battling with lung cancer gallantly, never having smoked a cigarette in his life. Several years ago Blanche Laskier, a great friend to our family and mother of my golf buddy Jon died from cancer. I lost my dear friend Gloria Lewis, also to cancer and quite recently my friend, the ever positive Howard Clyne lost his own battle.

To honour their memory my favoured charity is The Christie, one of the foremost cancer and research hospitals in the world.

On 23rd May 2015 my son Peter is running from London to Brighton – a 100km challenge. Previously he has completed several 40km marathons but this is by far the biggest test he has ever faced. I would be delighted if you sponsored him in his efforts and thereby raise some valuable funds for The Christie.

The details can be found by clicking on this link.


To follow Peter’s exploits I recommend you check out

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