Rational Numbers already run the monthly payrolls for several businesses and can offer a very
competitive service including submission of all returns to HM Revenue and Customs.
Payslips and monthly summaries are delivered to you by email in PDF format.

Normal rates are:
Annual Fees
One off set up fee - £50
Running Fees
£2 per employee per payroll run.  Minimum Fee £10 per run.
Employee Fees
New Employees £25 per annum.  Existing Employees £15 per annum (when transferred from one tax year to the next)
This covers set up of employee record, dealing with P45′s/P46′s when joining, and P45′s when leaving, and year-end P60′s and P35′s. Also includes P11D’s unless unusually complex.

For a 5 person payroll with no joiners/leavers during the year total cost would be: -
Initial Setup £50. Employee set up £125 year 1, £75 Year 2.  Monthly payroll runs £120
= £295 Year 1 and £245 Year 2 onwards.

All documents would be filed online after registering with HMRC for online filing.

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